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Regather Hangul : Experience Exhibit


It is project - Regather Hangul part II. Patchwork is designed by hangul typography, which is one of our communication method. Its huge scale makes people can walk and touch and displayed on floor of Gwanghwamun plaza in centre of Seoul, South Korea. This project bridges separated families of North and South Korea and next generation can recognise history that North and South were family and importance of communication.


Culture and Society


Jeong eun Elin Yoo



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Work progress

Final installation

it installed at Gwanghwamun plaza in Seoul, republic of Korea.

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(Short Film) Their Sad Voice

[Their Sad Voice] is a short film with sorrow of separated families and hope of meeting each other throughout visual redesign.

(Short Film) The day of having become stain

[The day of having become stain] is a short film with audio and three films[Korean war, Taking refuge, Meeting each other] on one screen on the same time.

Which positive impact will the solution have on society and beyond its core target group?

By facilitating communication between separated families, Regather Hangul helps to heal emotional wounds that have been strained for decades and recover family bonds which are fundamental to societal well-being. Additionally, it serves as one of cultural preservation methods, educating users about the linguistic and cultural nuances of both, North and South Korea. Furthermore, the project can raise awareness globally about the human impact of political divisions, encouraging support for initiatives that promote peace and unity.

Regather Hangul2_p10-min.png
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