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Jeong eun Elin Yoo



What is the core idea behind your submission and why is it important? 

The core idea is to prevent teenage gambling addiction and recover a healthy society. Eradicating illegal gambling problem swiftly is crucial, as it has severe consequences for the development of teenagers who will lead our future.

Who are the main and secondary users? Which challenges or problems

do they face?

Teenagers struggling with illegal cyber gambling addiction and their parents are the main user of Teen Saver. Secondary users include teachers, counselors, and police supporting them. The number of teenagers becoming addicted to gambling has been increasing recently. Easy online access via mobile phones facilitates gambling and teenagers often do not recognise its harmful impacts. Those at risk or involved in gambling addiction face severe psychological issues, financial losses, deceit, and potential legal troubles. Their parents often feel confused and struggle to find effective solutions. These factors collectively impact on exacerbating the gambling problem among teenagers including social, economic and legal.

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What is the purpose of the solution? How is the problem solved and the situation improved? 

Teen Saver was designed to prevent teenage gambling addiction and aid in the recovery of teenagers involved in gambling. Based on interviews and data gathered from addicted students, parents, teachers, counselors, and police, the most significant challenge identified was the lack of a specialised care system for teenagers addicted to gambling. Additionally, a prompt reporting and blocking system for illegal websites and suspicious accounts was needed. Teen Saver addresses these issues by implementing a fast reporting system, real-time proactive blocking of illegal gambling activities, professional counseling and digital environment management. Users are empowered with these functions to overcome addiction and achieve a healthy daily life.

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Which user research methods were applied? How was the research, design and development process structured? How are the research results reflected in the solution?

Teen Saver applied various user research methods, including articles, interviews, and surveys from groups involving addicted teenagers, parents, teachers, counselors, and police to comprehensively understand the problem. The 16-week research, design, and development process was structured to begin with gathering insights, followed by prototyping based on user feedback. Key resources and partners included educational institutions, mental health organisations and police. The research results are reflected in the solution through a fast reporting system, real-time proactive blocking function, professional counseling, digital management and a sharing system, supporting a holistic approach to addressing teenage gambling addiction.

Teen Saver_p4.png

What is the essence of the service? What are the most innovative features, what has been improved in comparison to existing solutions? Which technologies are implemented, how do these create value for users?

The essence of Teen Saver is to prevent and address teenage gambling addiction through a comprehensive, user-centred approach. The service provides core functions for the target group—teenagers and their parents—including proactive measures such as a fast reporting system, real-time blocking of illegal gambling activities and digital environment management. Professional support for recovery includes personal counseling, sharing system and educational guidance. Compared to existing solutions that address problems individually, Teen Saver offers an integrative ecosystem from proactive features to follow-up management. Teen Saver's robust support network systems empower users to overcome addiction and return to a healthy daily life.

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Which market is the product targeting? How is the service expected to succeed on the market?

The assumed business model is a service complemented by strategic partnerships with educational institutions and government. Teen saver targets adolescents and their families affected by or at risk of gambling addiction. It is expected to succeed by addressing the growing gambling problem with a comprehensive, user-centred approach that integrates prevention and recovery support. The feasibility of Teen Saver is supported by increasing awareness of severe teenage gambling addiction and rising demand for specialised support service. Measurable outcomes include reduced gambling addiction rates, improved mental health, and enhanced digital safety. It can also be expanded to solve other issues, such as alcoholism and sexual offences.

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Which positive impact will the solution have on society and beyond its core target group? Which sustainable principles or resource-saving measures have been implemented? 

Teen Saver will have a profound positive impact on society and beyond its core target group by improving mental health, reducing crime related to gambling addiction and enhancing family and community stability. It not only helps individual development but also reduces the broader social and economic costs associated with addiction, promoting a healthier future. Moreover, by expanding to other issues, such as alcoholism, sexual offences, and anger disorders, Teen Saver will promote a holistic approach to societal health, contributing to long-term positive impacts on society.

What else would you like to highlight about your solution that does not fit in the questions above? 

Teen Saver includes innovative features that extend beyond addiction prevention and recovery, such as the management of children's school life and a mood daily diary. The school life management function helps parents and educators monitor and support the academic and social aspects of a teenager's life, ensuring well-rounded development. The mood daily diary allows children to record their emotions daily, facilitating self-awareness and emotional healing. These features not only support the primary goal of combating gambling addiction but also contribute to the overall well-being and holistic development of teenagers.

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